With 30 years of experience, primarily in San Francisco, Lindo Morucci has definitely left his mark on this city, almost
daily passing a building that has received his handiwork. He learned the painting trade at his brother-in-law’s
construction company and took to it well, perfecting his craft as he went on to work for other general contractors.  Before
long, he branched out on his own, continuing to hone his skills and build a loyal client base along the way.

Apparently, Lindo did not stray far from his roots.  His grandfather, a San Francisco resident, was a sign painter in the
1920s for Foster & Kleiser Outdoor Advertising, the original industry pioneer founded in 1901, now known as Clear
Channel Outdoor. One of the best examples of these early outdoor building signs, a 1917 Foster & Kleiser ad for
Severn Lodge Dairy (shown below), was discovered in 2000 at 220 California Drive in Burlingame and restored in 2003.
Restored 1917 Foster & Kleiser outdoor
advertising sign in Burlingame, California
a COAT above painting tm